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“Danced Memories”
An ancestral return to Mother Africa

With your help we can take Danced Memories to
Festival International de Danse de Ouagadougou -FIDO.

To us, as african diaspora, the 12th edition of the International Dance Festival of Ouagadougou-FIDO is an important opportunity to rebuild past dialogues and create new ones with the african multiculturality. Dancing our history in the Mother Continent constitutes a profound spiritual reconection with our honored ancestors, particularly with those that were forced to cross the Atlantic Ocean over 500 years ago. This Festival offers the possibility to set up a communication path for their return through the language of dancing, music and poetry between the diaspora and today’s Africa. We can face the historical voids that colonialism left just by meeting and getting to know each other. Our proposal is to tell the stories of women who resisted slavery in different ways in Amefrica. An approach to honour and liberate them. Bring them black to Africa is a transgenerational healing, a spiritual reparation. That is why, for Trama Danza, a collective of research in afrodiasporic dancing, coming to Burkina Faso using the language that Africa left in our bodies, more than dancing, means sharing our history with those who remained in the core of the Mother land.


With your help, we will bring our women ancestors back to the Mother Continent.

Your contribution will help “Trama Danza. Collective of Research and Creation in Afrodiasporic Dances” represents Venezuela in the 12th edition of the Ouagadougou International Dance Festival (FIDO), in Burkina Faso, between January 20 and 27, 2024, with the work “Danced Memories. Ancestral Voices of Black Women.”

Trama Danza will build a path so that the souls of the ancestors who were kidnapped and taken to America during the slave regime, return to Africa symbolically for spiritual reparation.

  Our main goal is to represent Venezuela in the 12th edition of the Ouagadougou International Dance Festival (FIDO), in Burkina Faso, between January 20 and 27, 2024, with the work Memorias Danzadas. Ancestral Voices of Black Women.

With the contributions we will be assisting the entire artistic team safely in Burkina Faso; with international passage, resources to cover basic needs and minor emergencies during the trip. We can also carry our musical instruments protected.

All this will guarantee an excellent participation of Venezuela in this international event with African multiculturalism and with companies from different countries around the world.

Contributions will be used to cover:

  • Air tickets for 11 members: $33.000

  • Financing of 6 passports of the 11 members: $1.320

  • Per diem: $6,600

  • Instrument covers: $210

  • Taxi to airport: 300

  • Approximate amount of the ticket for musical instruments: $6.300

  • Incidentals (7%): 3.341,10

Total: $51.071,10

Foto del grupo en taller de Udu.jpeg

The piece is self-financed and is sustained by support and alliances with groups, friends and individuals. Those of us who promote Memorias Danzadas have agreed to participate without monetary payment. In this sense, those interested in contributing can do so through

Mobile payment: (+58) 424-227-17-57 / 0108 Banco Provincial/ C.I. 12,784,298

Bank transfer: Provincial Bank. Account number:
0108 - 0500 - 71 - 0200056092. Meyby Ugueto. C.I. 12,784,298



You can also write to the email: for any questions.

About FIDO

Ouagadougou International Dance Festival 

The 12th edition of FIDO is scheduled to be held from January 20 to 27, 2024. With the same vision as in previous years, namely to bring together, energize and promote the different forms, inspirations and trends of African dance, African diasporas and the rest of the world, Irène Tassembédo and her team wish to strengthen the dimension of intercultural exchange, sharing of experiences, a platform of expression for the invited artists, and “discovery platforms” dedicated to the youngest artists. FIDO will welcome around twenty companies from Burkina Faso, the African continent and the rest of the world (from traditional to contemporary including urban dances)

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